Reece Camp Carter

Film and Telivision

Art Department – 61 set days Los Angeles, California

2013 __Germany’s Next Top Model” ProSieben Set Dresser Assistant

2011 __“Storage Hunters” TruTV Prop Assistance

______“Charlie Sheen Roast” Comedy Central Set Dresser Assistant

______“Flipping Out Reunion Special” Bravo TV Art Director Assistant

______Verizon national commercial Art Coordinator Assistant

______Mitsubishi Production national commercial Production Designer Assistant

2010__Arbonne Nutrition Set Designer Assistant

______“Love Orchard” Loken Mann Productions Production Designer Assistant

______ “Psychic Caesar” Vitamin Water Art Director Assistant

______“Catch It” pilot Art Director Assistant

Camera Department – 60 set day Los Angeles, California

2013 _ Visit Disneyland” Disney Channel and Best Western DMT

______“The Voice” NBC Universal, Inc. 2nd Assistant Camera

______“City of Los Angeles Mental Health Conference” City of Los Angeles Camera Operator

2012__ “Ushi Must Marry” feature film 2nd Assistant Camera and DMT

______Clean” Sarah Ault 1st Assistant Camera

2011__Benadryl national commercial 1st Assistant Camera

______“Prostate Cancer Conference” National Cancer Institute Camera Operator

______“Lil Tokyo Reporter” 2nd Assistant Camera

______“The Groundling” NBC Universal, Inc 2nd Assistant Camera

______“Pride Comedy Jam” Comedy Central Camera Operator

______SUPERVALU national commercial 2nd Assistant Camera

______“Love is a Murder” The Constellations 1st Assistant Camera

______American Tall Ship Institute Promotion Camera Operator

Set Lighting Technician – 44 set days Los Angeles, California

2012 _ “Parts & Service” Ford Motor Company

______Myrick and Bemo Show”

2011 __“Mary’s Childhood” Bill Viola Studios LLC

______ Bulwark Brand” IOS studio

______“Saint Rowe” XBox 360

______ “Opium” Yves Saint Laurent

______In The Eyes” Shark Pig, LLC

2005 _“Pacific Media Partner” San Jose convention center conference

Selected Production Coordinator and Assistant – 370 set and office Los Angeles, California

2013 __AT&T national commercial Caviar LA Inc. Production Assistant

2012__ “Dexter” “Nashville Devia” Showtime Three(ONE)O Inc Production Assistant

______“Ok Kool” Sammy Adams Harvest Films Production Assistant

______“Kluge” Red Bull Media House North America Production Assistant

______American Heart Association Promotional Woundrous Production Assistant

______Lexus national commercial Park Pictures Production Assistant

2011 __“Skylander Activision” Ant Farm Production Assistant

______Sundance Channel Production Assistant

______NIKE national commercial Motion Theory Production Assistant

______“Bureau of Fun” Trident Tool of North America Production Assistant

______Chrysler JEEP national commercial Radical Media Production Assistant

______Nike national commercial MANA Media Production Assistant

______Office Depot Backyard Production Assistant

______Yoplait and HHGregg Anonymous Content Production Assistant

2010__ “E3 Game Conference” Spike Digital Entertainment Production Coordinator

______“Velocity” Discovery Channels Impossible Pictures Production Assistant

Broadcast Television

2001-2005  MediaOne Services San Francisco, California

________ Broadcast Engine, Camera Operator, Editor, and Master Control Operator.

2002-2004  KTSF Channel 26 Brisbane, California

________Camera Operator

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