Reece Camp Carter

Diatomaceous Earth by Jared Blum

Diatomaceous Earth by Jared Blum from Reece Camp Carter on Vimeo.

Diatomaceous Earth is a collaboration and collision of image and audio, an unending conflict that somehow creates its own unique harmony.  Much in the same way that diatomaceous earth brings healing power from the natural evolutionary erosion of our planet’s sediments, so does Diatomaceous Earth present the inexorable victory of the natural state over the manufactured.  The disintegration of the man-made stands in visual opposition to the enduring standard of the natural. From opening frames full of the dramatic static of trembling flora to the careful tableaus that reveal the power of each landscape, Diatomaceous Earth transports the viewer on a journey that has taken place over and over through time. Aural accompaniment focuses the eye and stimulates the imagination, drawing the conflict of the world in sharp contrast and slyly revealing the victor of this battle- Pyrrhic though it may well be. - George Gianfrancisco

Music Composition by Jared Blum

Production, Cinematography, and Editing by Reece Camp Carter

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