Reece Camp Carter

SFMOMA Screening

I hope you will be able to attend the San Francisco Modern Art Museum’s (SFMOMA) film series California Highs, California Lows. A one night screening of films focusing on the Golden State including film makers Robert Morris, Paul Clipson, Adam Heavenrich, Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt and my film Man with a Gun, Railroad, and Food for Working. The screening will be held in the Phyllis Wattis Theater 7:00pm on Thursday June 3rd 2010 admission is $5.00.

Man With a Gun, Railroad, and Food for Working considers local hunting and animal handling as it investigates a West Coast dynamic: one that prides itself on natural beauty and agricultural bounty, but one that has deeply embraced urban individualism and suburban sprawl.

Our latest look at pop culture on film features the Golden State, long a wellspring of cinematic inspiration both in terms of location and subject matter. Directors in this series mine hippie subcultures, social atmospheres, and the landscape for a loose yet provocative portrait of the state.

Bucky (episodes 1 through 6), Paul Clipson and Adam Heavenrich, 1996 – 98, 2 min. each, 8mm
East Coast, West Coast, Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson, 1969, 22 min., digital video
Man With a Gun, Railroad, and Food for Working, Reece Camp Carter, 2010, 12 min., video
Gas Station, Robert Morris, 1969, 33 min., 16mm

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